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Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you find it useful.

We have been in business since 1955, and have a unique business model.   We have most everything you need related to beverages.

We carry the best selection of Commercial Keg Beer in Southern California.   We usually have what you need in stock, but would be happy to special order a rare keg for your next party.

We rent Jockey boxes and picnic pumps for parties.

We have Dry Ice as well as block and cubed ice in small and large sizes.

We have Nitrogen so you can make COLD BREWED COFFEE, as well as put our CO2/Nitrogen mix on your keg of Guinness.

Please visit our showroom to see a great selection of keggerators.

We also have Helium and Balloons, ribbons, string and various other party supplies.

Feel free to ask us.  We would be happy to assist you find what you are looking for.

For helpful articles, hints and tips on keg beer, homebrewing, sodas, carbonation and more see our “Blog” section and check out our posts.

Thank you for visiting tavernservice.com


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4 Responses to Welcome To Tavern Service Company

  1. Marc Bonetti says:

    We’re having issues with our draft system at our rosewood tavern location and need it running by this weekend, out normal guy had not only failed to fix the issue but has gone away for the weekend.. Wondering what kind of services you can offer..


    Marc Bonetti
    Beverage Director
    Bowery Street Ent.

    • admin says:

      We do not repair draft systems but our brother company Tavern Soda Service you can reach Bill at 818-648-2306. They would be able to take care of any issues you have.

  2. Joseph says:

    I have a question I have a kegerator and it looks like I have a leak from the coupler and from the beer line any suggestions on how to fix it.

    • admin says:

      A leak in the actual beer line is very rare. Almost certainly the leak is either at the fitting where the beer line attaches to the back of the faucet or even more likely, where the beer line attaches to the top of the coupler. Disconnect your coupler from the keg and unscrew the hex nut from the top of the coupler. Make sure you have a soft beer washer between the nut and coupler and that it’s not cracked or worn. You might want to reverse it or just buy another (they cost 50 cents or so). Tighten it back on the coupler and retap your keg. Use a towel to dry your entire line–in about one minute check it again. It still should be dry. If the problem is at the back of the faucet, you probably should just replace the beer line. You can usually just cut the oediker clamp off the beer line (untap your keg first). Use an adjustable hose clamp to reattach if you don’t have an oediker tool. It’s easier to do that all outside of your tower, remove your faucet and pull the line out the hole where the shank normally goes. If you live in the LA area, we’ll do all that for you.

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