Warm, flat soda?

One of the most common complaints we get is that restaurant managers say their drinks aren’t fizzy or carbonated enough.  There could be several reasons for this.

1.  Make sure the CO2 tank has gas.  The left gauge should read over 300 psi.

2.  Did you change the CO2 tank recently?  If so, you need to run the soda machine for a few minutes.  This is not unlike running the hot water in your bathroom for a while before it gets hot.  The carbonated water has to reach the machine and the carbonator has to turn on.

3.  Make sure your drinks are coming out ice cold.  You can fill a glass without ice and check the temperature.  It should be below 38 degrees.  An easy way to check the temperature is to pour a Sprite or other clear soda into a clear glass.  If there are lots of bubbles at first, but they go away in 30 seconds your drinks are too warm.  If your soda machine uses ice, add more and make sure it is compacted down.  If your machine uses a water bath, you may need to call Coke, Pepsi, or a repairman.

4.  Rarely the soda regulator needs to be adjusted.  This is the regulator closest to the CO2 tank.  The top gauge should be between 80-125 psi; most restaurants keep it close to 90.  If your pressure is below 80 psi and the CO2 tank has plenty of CO2, turn the adjusting screw in the middle of the regulator clockwise (to the right) until it gets in the correct range.  Don’t go too far, if the pressure gets to high there is a pressure relief valve which will leak out CO2.

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2 Responses to Warm, flat soda?

  1. No one likes warm soda, or warm and flat soda. If you have a soda machine and this is what it is putting out, then you probably have a problem. Don’t worry to much, you could simply be out of CO2 which is more common than you think. Now if the soda is warm, then you probably need repairs or more ice.

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