About Us

Tavern Service Tavern Service Company was started in 1955 by Jack and Gloria Heath in their garage.  It started out as a service business, cleaning beer lines and equipment, but Jack soon was supplying local bars with CO2 gas.

Over the years we used a few different dba’s including The Draft Beer Store, Rainbow Balloons, Northridge Ice, and Brew Wizards,  but at heart we always knew we were one big happy family here at Tavern Service Company.

Tavern Service is still family run and we are now working on our third generation.    We moved to its current location in Northridge in 1975.

The business is constanting growing and changing with the times.  We carry products like fountain syrups, helium, nitrogen, keg beer, ice, dry ice, homebrewing supplies, craft beer, kegerators and draft beer parts.  We also now do quite a bit with Cold Brew Coffee, Javarators and coffee brewing equipment.  We are now one of the largest CO2 companies in Southern California; most of it is used by restaurants for their soda machines.  We deliver CO2 and Nitrogen for beer use all over Los Angeles and Ventura County.  We deliver helium to car dealers, apartment complexes, and other businesses and we are distributors for both Coca Cola North America Brand syrups as well as Boylan’s Natural Syrups.

Our store is one of the most unique businesses you will ever find.  You will find something new around every corner, and something different every time you visit.   Please stop by the next time you are in the area.  We always have cold brew coffee on tap for our customer’s and would love to get to know you.

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